16 Foot Wide Advantages

Ero-Guard Blanket Sizes

Straw/Coconut/TRM Blankets
Width Length Yd2
8' 112.5' 100
16' 112.5' 200
8' 562.5' 500
8' 562.5 1000

Excelsior Blankets

Width Length Yd2
8' 102.5' 90
16' 102.5' 180
*Custom sizes available upon request

Ero-Guard 16’ wide blankets will surprise you how versatile a large blanket can be. Cover more area quicker and be more efficient at the same time! With a 16’ blanket you have less overlap meaning less wasted blanket saving you both time and money! With the development of the Magnum 1000 yd2 blanket, crews are able to put in up to 30% more blanket in an 8 hour shift than using 80 yd2 blankets.

Cost savings: Save over $1.5 cents yd2 when using a Ero-Guard 16’ wide blanket instead of a 6.67’wide blanket.

Installation ease: All of Ero-Guard’s Magnum sized rolls (1000 yd2 and 500 yd2) are palletized and have 4” cores in them for the use of machine unrolling devices to save even more time and money.